We help Cities, Counties, Utilities and Consumers

Let Orange Lien Data act as an intermediary between you and the over 80 Lien Search Companies in Florida. Simply put, we deal with the lien search companies for you.

Set up is simple, we obtain your code enforcement and/or permit information electronically. When a Lien Search Company contacts us for information on a property in your jurisdiction we deliver the information in hours. We then collect your fees and forward them to you.

Equally important is that there is no cost to your organization - ever. Lien Search Companies subscribe to our service and pay a nominal per search fee in addition to the fees you charge (if any) for making the information available.

We really do offer a NO COST option for you to outsource code and/or permit reporting to Lien Search Companies.


The success of your department depends on your ability to do your job and remain customer focused. Yet it often seems like there are never enough hours in the day to deal with lien search companies. Running your department already comes with its obstacles don't let lien search companies make it more stressfull. We provide municipalities real solutions to their growing workload. By working with Orange Lien Data, you'll eliminate the tedious and time-consuming chore of dealing with multiple lien search companies without the costs and hassles of hiring new employees. at Orange Lien Data we guarantee you will receive high quality, timely, and confidential support.

You will please take notice that the information you provide may be made available to certain government offices. All communications with any government office are subject to disclosure to the public pursuant to Article I, Section 24(b) and Section 286.011 of the Florida Statutes. This body of law is known as the "Government in the Sunshine Law." The Sunshine Law applies not only to public meetings, but to all manner of written communications between individuals and government officials including, but not limited to electronic communications. Please be governed accordingly.