About Orange Lien Data

Being in charge of running your department comes with many challenges. From staying focused on your job, helping customers, and managing every day obstacles, it’s true that your days are full. However, the stress piles up when you also have to deal with Lien Search Companies and it can feel like there are just not enough hours in the day. Orange Lien Data was built with the goal of providing municipalities with real solutions to tackle their growing workload. We act as an intermediary between you and 80+ Lien Search Companies in Florida. When you partner with our organization, you will reduce your costs and receive high-quality, efficient, and confidential support while also eliminating the need to hire new employees and directly interact with Lien Search Companies.

Our Process is Simple

1. We obtain your code enforcement and/or permit information electronically.

2. We directly handle inquiries from a Lien Search Company regarding property information.

3. We deliver information to the Lien Search Company in a real-time fashion.

4. We collect your fees and forward them to you.

The Benefits of Partnering with Orange Lien Data

When you make the important decision to partner with us, you will receive many benefits.

The need to interact with Lien Search Companies is completely eliminated-they subscribe to our service, paying a nominal fee per search in addition to the fees you charge for information (if applicable). Your valuable time is protected and interruption to your workflow is significantly reduced. You are indemnified from loss.

Your organization incurs ZERO COST.

Take the First Step with Orange Lien Data Today.

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Orange Lien Data is Responsive

We guarantee a same-day call back. You'll always be aware of the status of your reports and can be assured that they will be accurately completed in a timely manner. With extended hours (7am to 7pm) you can call, email or text; we are always available.

Orange Lien Data is Professional

Our team has years of experience in the property business. We will treat your information and your team with the respect they deserve.

Orange Lien Data is Flexible

At Orange Lien Data flexibility is not a "policy," it is a part of our DNA. We have worked to create a culture in which multiple team members share responsibility for client service and deliverables. We understand that our client's needs can and will change and each team member is empowered to adjust accordingly.

Orange Lien Data is Innovative

We are governed by the rules of quality customer service. We do this by producing the best quality property reports and being responsive to our clients needs. Corporate bureaucracy does not govern us, rather decisions are made at the local level by the people you work with everyday. This allows us to do what is best for our clients.

You will please take notice that the information you provide may be made available to certain government offices. All communications with any government office are subject to disclosure to the public pursuant to Article I, Section 24(b) and Section 286.011 of the Florida Statutes. This body of law is known as the "Government in the Sunshine Law." The Sunshine Law applies not only to public meetings, but to all manner of written communications between individuals and government officials including, but not limited to electronic communications. Please be governed accordingly.